Make Donations to your favorite charities

  • Hamazkayin Armenian Society

    Educational and cultural society

  • Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital

    Help Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital to provide their guests with the best services

  • Beta

    Your contribution goes towards caring for abused, abandoned and neglected animals in Lebanon

  • Dar al Aytam Al Isamia

    Dar al Aytam Al Isamia is a social non-governmental charity

  • Sesobel

    To serve children with disabilities and their families

  • SOS

    To serve orphaned children by providing a home and a family within SOS

  • Children cancer center

    To serve all children with cancer and their families

  • Taaheel

    To serve children with special needs and learning difficulties

  • Himaya

    Its a local NGO and is on a mission to promote a global protection of innocence in danger

  • Donner Sang Compter Lebanon

    donate to DSC and start saving lives by raising awareness about voluntary blood donation

  • Yasa International

    Donate to YASA and create a greater level of safety awareness on the road

  • Bassma

    Rehabilitate and empower the most deprived families to reach self-sufficiency

  • Zakat - Dar al Fatwa

    Zakat and donation

  • Al-Makassed Association

    Its mission is to reach Lebanese families who benefit from its educational, social and healthcare services

  • One Wig Stand

    It an NGO that is changing the conversation about breast cancer in Lenanon