Do you know how dirty your most used devices are?

We have noticed that our most used tech devices during the day are our mobile phones and our mouse, and we decided to do a little research about how dirty they really get with excessive daily use. Studies show that your mobile phone probably contains more germs than a toilet seat! To say we were shocked is an understatement, but then when we thought about It a little longer it made sense, we are always on our phones, we text on WhatsApp dozens of times a day if not more, we check our Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat constantly … so those germs tend to accumulate fast! The solution?  Wipe your phone with antibacterial wet wipe at least once a week to kill nasty bugs and avoid getting sick, especially during winter.

The same can be said about our office mouse, all the germs we have on our hands transfer to our mouse because we use it for hours and hours every day, so don’t forget to wipe your mouse to keep it squeaky clean as well.

How often do you clean your devices? Let us know in the comments section!