Is it safe to charge your phone overnight?

We have heard this question for so long from mobile phone users; can we charge our phones overnight or does it decrease the lifespan of the mobile phone battery?

According to our research, leaving your battery charging overnight is okay, because our smart phones- as it turns out- are smart, once they are fully charged (i.e. 100%) they stop the current from coming in and protect your phone from overcharging.

So now that we have established that it’s not that bad to leave your phone charging overnight, let’s talk about some tips.

The first tip is about when to charge your phone, apparently the best time to charge your phone is to wait when your battery is down to around 40% and then plug it in into the charger; don’t wait until your phone is at 0%, because allegedly going from 0% to a 100% will start to break down the battery life and give your device a shorter lifespan.

Another tip is to remove your phone cover while you charge your phone overnight to keep your phone cool, because lithium-ion batteries react poorly to high temperatures, meaning higher temperatures accelerate the loss of battery capacity.

How about you our dear reader, do you charge your phone overnight or do you unplug it before you go to sleep? Let us know in the comments section.