Donation to BETA Lebanon

We are very proud and pleased to announce that we were able to donate $700 USD to BETA Lebanon this weekend!

BETA, short for  Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , is a local NGO that works extremely hard to provide good care and shelter to animals which were abandoned or abused. To help their cause, we have launched a campaign on our social platforms to encourage engagement from our followers; each user managed to post funny, adorable and eye-catching pictures of their dogs and cats. For every picture posted, we promised a $1 donation to BETA.

Thanks to all of the comments and pet pictures which were submitted and shared, we were able to help precious animals in need.

Even though the campaign is over, you can still donate to BETA if you want to help. Simply head to our Donation section and choose BETA from the list of NGO’s to make a change.