Let’s talk about passwords!

Almost everyone hates coming up with new passwords and memorizing them, but it’s an integral part of our life now because we have a password for our debit card, credit card, online banking account, we also have passwords for all of our social media accounts, in addition to our e-mail passwords and so on.

We recently saw an article on Mashable discussing old passwords and the hack that affected Yahoo in 2013 which inspired us to write about our own M-PIN.

The M-PIN is a four-letter password that is used on the app to login and to complete transactions. We always advise our users to memorize their M-PIN and not to share it with anyone else. It’s key to memorize your M-PIN because if you mistakenly enter it wrong 3 times, your account will be blocked temporarily until you call the bank to ask to reset it.

 No one in our offices knows your M-PIN to insure our user’s privacy is respected and protected.

As for the lesson we learned from the Mashable article, it’s that do not have the same password for all of your accounts, especially not the accounts related to your finances, so choose a new original M-PIN and enjoy PinPaying!