Let’s talk about PinPoints! What are they and how to use them.

If you follow us on our social media accounts you probably have seen us mention “PinPoints” numerous times. The pinpoints are our own loyalty system, where our users can earn PinPoints by conducting payments, completing in-app activities and referring friends to the PinPay service.

Users can redeem their PinPoints on a rich and diversified catalog of hundreds of products available on PinPay’s network, like internet vouchers, telecom vouchers, gift cards and more. They can redeem their PinPoints for products as low as 4,000 PinPoints (around $4).

Our users can view a list of products and services that they can redeem instantly based on their PinPoints balance form the Wallet. Simply by clicking on the Redeem icon, the user can see the list of products they can personally redeem at that specific time with their collected PinPoints., so the list includes only products and services that are redeemable.