Get started

IT’S EASY TO START USING PINPAY. All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

If you have access to Internet on your handset, you can download the PinPay application by searching for “PinPay” in your app store or clicking on the links below:

In order to register for PinPay:
  • Click on “Register to PinPay” in the Navigation Menu.
  • Insert your mobile number into the specified field and request a “Verification Code”. Your code will be sent by SMS.
  • Once you have received your “Verification Code”, enter it in the specified field.
  • Choose a 4 digit “M-PIN”, which should be memorized and known only to you.
  • Re-enter your “M-PIN” to confirm it.
  • Continue to "Add Payment Method" to complete your registration process.

Login to the app by clicking on the “Lock” icon on the top right side of the screen. Open the Navigation Menu and then click on “Payment Method” To select your “Payment Method”, click on the “+” on the top right side of the screen for iOS or "+ Add a Payment Method" for Android. If you want to add a Bank Account to your PinPay App:
  • Select your Bank as your payment method and enter your “CIF ID” in the specified field.
  • To successfully add your Bank click on “ADD BANK PAYMENT METHOD”.
If you want to add a Credit/Debit card to your PinPay App:
  • Select your card brand from the list "Visa" or "Mastercard".
  • Click on "Add Credit Card" to proceed.
  • Insert your Card Number, Expiry Date and CVC Code.
  • Select the Terms and Conditions check box.
  • Click on Submit to complete your Card registration.