What is PinPay?

PinPay is an innovative new service on your mobile phone provided by our partner banks. With PinPay you have the perfect answer to all your mobile payments needs. PinPay lets you:

  • Send and receive money quickly and safely
  • Recharge your (or someone else’s) prepaid mobile 
  • Pay your (or someone else's) postpaid mobile bill 
  • Pay your (or someone else's) Park Meter Fines 
  • Buy vouchers or recharge your internet account
  • Renew your Cablevision Subscription
  • Recharge your  forex trading accounts such as AFC and CFI
  • Fund your prepaid online payments cards
  • Recharge / top- up international pre- paid mobile numbers
  • Make donations to well-known NGOs
  • Subscribe to or Renew Beirut Circle Privilege Card
  • Buy vouchers for media, gaming and entertainment like Apple's iTunes, Google Play, FB vouchers and much more
  • Buy gaming vouchers including Sony, Xbox and PSN
  • Buy tickets to kids theme parks using your mobile
  • Pay university tuition fees
  • Buy MMORPG Time cards
  • Subscribe to Business Directories and Virtual Office Services
  • Manage your PinPay account conveniently 

What are the main benefits of the PinPay services?
  • Utmost Convenience: You can use the services anytime, anywhere. No more endless waiting in queues and no more wasting time, energy and effort in making payments.
  • Absolute Reliability: Instant payments every time with confirmation to help your verify
  • Maximum Ease: Highly user-friendly system comes with step-by-step directions on what to do and how to do it.
Which Banks currently offer PinPay’s services?
Bank Audi and BankMed currently offer the PinPay service. We are in talks with many other banks who may join our list of partners soon.
What are the services you enjoy when you subscribe to PinPay?
At PinPay, the list of mobile payment services we offer is continuously growing. Currently you can benefit from the following services, but please check back soon for more:

  • Send Money
PinPay lets you send money instantly from your Bank account to another registered user's account. As soon as the money is transferred, a transaction confirmation message is sent to both the sender and receiver from PinPay. You can also receive money just as easily from any registered PinPay user.

  • Pay Mobile Bills
Just register your request to receive information about your outstanding dues. Once you are a registered user, you can easily Inquire and/ or Pay your or anyone else’s postpaid mobile bill by entering the mobile phone number required in the field.

  • Pay Park Meter Fines
Use PinPay to inquire about parking meter fines and pay it instantly using just your mobile phone. You can also pay someone else’s park meter fine; just input the vehicle’s License Plate Number or the 11-digit Parking Surcharge Reference Number printed on the top right of the parking fine. Wait for the transaction confirmation message from PinPay.

  • Recharge Local and International Mobile Phones 
Recharge your prepaid mobile line or anyone else’s line by selecting the desired amount from your PinPay menu. Your phone gets instant recharge and you will receive a transaction confirmation message immediately. Recharge/ top- up international pre-paid mobile numbers easily and quickly using PinPay.

  • Entertainment at your Fingertips with PinPay
With PinPay, you have access to entertainment in many different ways. You can buy tickets to kids’ theme parks and buy vouchers for media, gaming and entertainment like Apple's iTunes, Google Play, FB vouchers, Sony, Xbox, PSN and much more.

  • Pay your university Fees using PinPay
Pay your university fees on time, easily, instantly- no more standing in queues, no more carrying cash around for payment. Now, with our versatile PinPay app, paying your tuition fees is a task that you can complete in seconds no matter where you are or how busy you are.

  • Buy MMORPG time cards
Shopping for MMORPG time cards to take your gaming experience to the next level? Want to gift your buddy one of these cards? Now, it is all easy because you can purchase these popular game time cards using your PinPay app right from your mobile.

  • Subscribe to services
Purchase subscriptions to various services including virtual office services and business directories with your PinPay account. Now, PinPay gives your business that competitive edge that sets you above your competitors.

  • Beirut Circle Privilege Card
Buy or Renew your Beirut Circle Privilege Card and start enjoying Lebanon and its venues without burning a hole in your pockets.

  • Recharge Internet
Buy vouchers or recharge your Internet Account directly from your mobile phone. Make sure that you are always ready to surf the net!

  • Recharge Cablevision
Recharge your Cablevision subscription in the most convenient way with PinPay. Simply select the ‘Recharge By mobile’ option, choose ‘Recharge Cablevision’, select the plan (Basic or Basic + Jazeera), insert your 11 digit smart card code, and your subscription recharge is done.

  • Recharge your Trading accounts
Fund your trading accounts using PinPay to be able to perform different financial services and trading activities using PinPay.

If you have an Arab Finance Corporation (AFC) or a Credit Financier Invest (CFI) account, you can now add funds to it using PinPay.

  • Purchase Gift Cards
As a PinPay user you are able to purchase gift cards for healthcare and wellness resorts and even send the gift cards to your loved ones! Buy C-Flow entrance tickets, and Edde Sands e-gift cards.

  • Purchase tickets & Vouchers
One of the benefits that PinPay provides is your ability to purchase various types of vouchers and tickets. Buy Facebook, iTunes and Google Play vouchers, Internet account refills, MMORPG time cards, Kidz Mondo theme park entry tickets and much more with a click of a button.

  • Settings
Manage your account from the convenience of your mobile. You can change your M-PIN or un-register your mobile device at any time.

  • Payment History
A detailed statement of all the PinPay transactions that you have conducted until date. If you want to know the details of a transaction, just click on the entry and a new screen will appear showing all the relevant information.
What is the cost of using PinPay
For Bank Audi Clients: FREE TRIAL of the app for upto 3 months. After this period a nominal charge of $2 per month applies. This charge is auto- deducted from your bank account.
For BankMed Clients: Absolutely FREE service. No monthly fees apply.
What is the currency of the transactions processed through PinPay?

Transactions can be carried out in USD and LBP.

Are the charges debited from my bank account or my phone bill?
Fees: When charged, fees are debited directly from your bank account.

Internet Mode: PinPay does not levy any charges. However, when conducting transactions via the Internet mode, your Mobile Data Plan charges with Touch and Alfa apply and are deducted from your 3G data plan, where and if applicable.

If your phone uses Wifi, there will be no charges.
Can my accounts be in LBP and USD?
Yes. Your account can be in any currency but your transactions will be converted to USD.
How secure is PinPay?
Security is our prime concern and PinPay is a highly secure service that meets banking standards through a multi-layered security architecture. We offer a higher security level than many payment cards. Take a look at some of the security features we deploy:
  • A code (M-PIN) that is only known to you is required for every transaction
  • If your M-PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, your account will be deactivated
How can I sign up for these services?
Registering for PinPay is a very simple process. You can register at any branch of our partner banks’ or online here.
Bank Registration: Just visit a Bank Audi or BankMed branch and follow these steps:

  •       Open an Account (If you don't have an account already)
  •       Fill and sign the registration form
  •       Choose a primary account, an optional secondary account and an optional credit card account that you wish to link to PinPay
  •       Link your phone number (Prepaid or Postpaid) to the PinPay App and you are done!

Online Registration: Alternatively, you can register online by clicking here and filling the required form. Once registered at the bank, you will receive an email confirmation followed by a welcome SMS.
How long does it take for the registration process to be completed?
Bank Registration: Registration at the branch should take about 10-15 minutes.

Online Registration: After submitting the online registration form, please allow approximately 5-7 working days before LibanPost delivers the contracts for you to sign.
Do I have to be a Bank Audi or a BankMed customer to be able to use PinPay's services?
Yes, for the time being, but we are adding more partner banks soon.  


If you are a Bank Audi or Bank Med customer, please visit the respective bank’s branch during working hours to learn more about our services and the simple process of registering, or visit their website (www.banqueaudi.com or www.bankmed.com.lb) for more information.
Compatible Mobile Phones and Operators
Can I use PinPay on my Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and other phones?
Yes, the PinPay App is available for iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry . We cover most of the phones currently available in the market but if you are not sure if your phone can run PinPay, please contact our hotline on 01-631 222.
Can I recharge credits on my mobile if I have no units left?
If you have Internet connectivity on your mobile phone, then it is possible to recharge credits on your mobile phone even if you are out of units.
Which mobile operators in Lebanon can I use PinPay with?
PinPay can be used with both Touch and Alfa mobile operators.
Does PinPay work on an international number?
PinPay does not work with an International Number at present; You can only use it with local mobile numbers. However, if the local phone number has SMS roaming or Internet connectivity, the services could work outside Lebanon on a roaming local mobile number.
Can I have more than one mobile number linked to the same PinPay service?
Users can only have one mobile number linked to every PinPay subscription. You have to request a new subscription for every additional number you want to add.
Can I use PinPay services on a mobile phone of any brand or model?
All mobile phones that were released recently or in the last five years are compatible with the PinPay service.

Can I have more than one mobile linked to the same account?
For Individual Accounts, you can only have one mobile number linked to the same account.

For Joint Accounts (and/or), you can have more than one mobile number linked to the same account.
Transcation Time and Limits
When do I receive the money transferred to my account?
The money is instantaneously credited to your account and available on the same-day value date. You will receive a confirmation SMS after each transaction.
I accidentally transferred to a friend more money than I wanted to. What can I do?
Ask the recipient to transfer the difference back to you. If this is not possible, please contact your branch to reverse the transaction and transfer the money again. Please note that a reversal may not always be possible.
Is there any limit on the number of transactions allowed?
No, you have an unlimited number of transactions.

Are there any limits on the amount of the transaction?

PinPay users can transfer money, recharge and pay bills subject to the following monthly limits.

A $5000 monthly limit applies on money transfers between PinPay users.

To recharge using your PinPay account, you have a limit of $1000 per month.

You can pay bills amounting to a maximum of $1000 per month through PinPay.

If money was transferred to the wrong number, what can be done?
If the recipient is not a PinPay subscriber, the money will not be transferred and you will receive an SMS informing you that the transaction could not be processed.

If the recipient is a PinPay customer, you may contact your Branch and submit a claim. Please note that a reversal may not always be possible.

You may also contact the recipient and request him/her directly to reimburse your funds.

Losing Mobile Phone/SIM
What happens if I lose my phone/SIM card?

Without your M-PIN, no one else can access your account and perform any transaction even if they have your phone/SIM. Your personal M-PIN is required for each PinPay transaction. 

If your phone/SIM is lost or stolen, you can call your mobile operator to deactivate your SIM or ask PinPay Support to temporarily deactivate your PinPay account. Once you recover your Phone/SIM or get a new one, contact your branch to reactivate your account.

What happens if the customer changes his/her phone?
  • If the customer changes his/her mobile phone, they would be required to download the PinPay application on the new device.
  • After downloading and installing the app, the user should request a new Verification Code in order to activate the PinPay services.
Does the Verification Code Expire?
  • After receiving the Verification Code, users have 10 minutes to enter it before it expires.
  • Once the Verification Code expires, users have to request a new one
What happens when a customer has entered an Incorrect Verification Code?
  • If the customer has entered an incorrect verification code, he has 2 more attempts. After two attempts he/ she is blocked from requesting a new verification code.
  • Once blocked, the user has to wait 30 minutes before he/ she can request a new verification code.
How can I update the application when a new one is available?
iPhone, Windows, Android and BlackBerry users get a notification whenever an update is available. You can also go to your respective Application Stores and check the Updates or My Apps section to see if an update is available.

To install the update, tap the PinPay app or the update or install button, depending on your Application Store, and the update will install automatically.
What should I do to use the PinPay application after I change my phone?
In order to use the App on a different phone, you must first go to Settings on your PinPay Application and select the "Unregister Device" option. This will unregister your PinPay Account on your current phone in order to register it in your new one. This feature is set in place for security purposes. You then need to download the application on your new device from your phone’s respective Application Store.

I don't remember my M-PIN anymore. Can you send it to me or reset it?

At PinPay, we do not store your M-PIN to ensure that you have maximum privacy and safety. If you have forgotten your M-PIN, you can drop in at your nearest bank branch to reset the M-PIN. This cannot be done over the phone for security reasons.

I entered my M-PIN incorrectly and now my account doesn’t work anymore. What can I do?
If you enter a wrong M-PIN during three consecutive attempts, you will receive an SMS informing you that your PinPay service has been blocked. Please visit your bank branch to reactivate your account.

I want to change my M-PIN. How can I do that?
  • On your PinPay App, go to “Settings >>Change M-PIN”
  • Enter your old 4-digit M-PIN. Enter and confirm your new M-PIN, then click “Next”
  • Click “YES” to confirm that you want to change your M-PIN
Cancellation Policy
I would like to cancel the PinPay service. How can I do that?
If you wish to cancel your service, you may contact your Bank by phone or visit their nearest branch to request cancellation of the PinPay service.


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