1. Services

1. What is Pin-Pay?


Pin-Pay is a new service on your mobile phone provided by Bank Audi and soon by BankMed allowing you to:


· Check your account balance
· Transfer money within your accounts and credit card
· Pay and receive money
· Request a mini-statement
· Recharge your prepaid mobile line or someone else's line
· Pay your postpaid mobile bill or someone else's bill
· Pay your Park Meter Fines or someone else's fine
· Manage your Pin-Pay account conveniently
· TopUp or recharge your internet account
· Renew your Cablevision Subscription

2. What are the services offered when subscribed to Pin-Pay?


Pin-Pay offers a continuously growing set of Mobile Payment services. Currently you can avail the following services, but please check back soon for more:


Pay a Person

Transfer and pay money instantly from your Bank account to another registered user's account. As soon as the money is transferred, the sender and receiver will get a transaction confirmation message from Pin-Pay. You can also receive money transfers from any registered Pin-Pay user.


Pay Mobile Bills

Request to receive information and pay instantly your postpaid mobile bill, or someone else's bill, just by entering the mobile phone number in the required fields. The sender and receiver will get a transaction confirmation message from Pin-Pay.


Pay Park Meter Fines

Request to Inquire and Pay yours or anyone else’s Park Meter Fine by inputting either the vehicle’s License Plate Number or the 11-digit Parking Surcharge Reference Number found on the top right of your Parking Fine. Sender will get a transaction confirmation message from Pin-Pay. You can at any time call the Park Meter support number directly from the application for any queries.


Recharge Mobile Phones

Recharge your prepaid mobile line or another person's line by selecting the desired amount from your Pin-Pay menu. The phone will be recharged instantly and you will receive a transaction confirmation message immediately.


Recharge  Internet

Conveniently recharge your or someone else’s IDM ADSL internet, Lynx Mobi Internet, Sodetel DSL Internet and Sodetel WINS Internet. Simply select which service provider you want. For IDM ADSL enter the phone number you wish to recharge; select the denomination you wish and it will immediately recharge. For Lynx Mobi, select one of the internet amounts that you would like to buy. Enter your M-PIN, and your internet account will be refilled immediately. For Sodetel, choose which package you would like to purchase, then enter your M-PIN, and your account will be filled immediately.

Recharge Cablevision
Conveniently recharge your Cablevision subscription. Select Recharge By mobile service, then choose Recharge Cablevision, select which plan you would like to recharge and insert your 11 digit smart card code, and your subscription will immediately recharge.

Preferences - Your Pin-Pay Manager

Manage your account from the convenience of your mobile. You can at anytime change your M-PIN, select your transaction sending mode and contact our support team directly from the application.

Pin-Pay Statement
A detailed statement of your last five Pin-Pay transactions conducted. It consists of every account detail and transaction you made, including viewing your Account Balance, Referring a Friend, etc.

Refer a Friend
Refer your friend to Pin-Pay. Your friend, relative, or acquaintance will receive information about Pin-Pay through SMS.

You may choose to have your mobile number be visible to recipients of transfers and payments from your Pin-Pay Account.

Mobile Banking Services:

·         Account balance: Check your balance real time

·         Mini Statement: Track the last five transactions performed on your account

·         Transfer: Conduct internal transfers between your accounts


 3. What are the main benefits of the Pin-Pay services?

·        Convenience: You can use the services anytime, anywhere (avoid long-waiting periods and traffic jams)

·         Reliability: Quick and on-time payments

·         Ease: User-friendly, step-by-step menu


 4. Which Banks currently offer Pin-Pay’s services?

Bank Audi and BankMed (coming soon) offer the Pin-Pay service.


2. Pricing

5. What is the cost of using Pin-Pay?

Up to 3 months free trial of the application. Afterwards $2 are charged monthly, which will be deducted from your Bank Account. A transaction fee of $2 will be deducted from your bank account for paying mobile bills and paying park meter fines through Pin-Pay, but the rest of the services are for free.


Price per Transaction

One-time Activation Fee


Yearly Maintenance Fee


Monthly Fee


Pay A Person


Pay Mobile Bills


Pay Park Meter Fines


Recharge Mobile Phones


Recharge IDM Internet


Recharge Lynx Internet


Recharge Sodetel Internet


Recharge Cablevision


*SMS and Mobile Data charges apply as per your Mobile plan.

6. Are the charges debited from my bank account or my phone bill?


Fees: When charged, fees are debited directly from your bank account.


Internet Mode: Pin-Pay does not levy any charges. However, when conducting transactions via the Internet mode, your Mobile Data Plan charges with Touch and Alfa apply and are deducted from your units or phone bill, if applicable.


If your phone is using Wifi, then there will be no charges.


7. What is the currency of the transactions processed through Pin-Pay?

For the time being, transactions are performed in USD only.


8. Can my accounts be in LBP and USD?

Yes. Your account can be in any currency but your transactions will be converted to USD.

3. Security

9. How secure is Pin-Pay?

Pin-Pay is a highly secure service that meets banking standards through a multi-layered security architecture. We offer a higher security level than many payment cards by offering a three-factor security system:

·         A code (M-PIN) only known to you is requested for every transaction

·         Every message sent from the Pin-Pay application on your handset is encrypted; no one can intercept the message and gain information about your transactions

·         If your M-PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, your account will be deactivated


4. Registration

10. How can I sign up for these services?

Registering for Pin-Pay is a very simple process. You can register at your convenience at any Bank Audi branch, or Online here.

Bank Registration: Registering for Pin-Pay is a very simple process. You can go to any Bank Audi branch:

·         Open an Account (If you don't have a Bank Audi account)

·         Fill and sign the registration form

·         Choose a primary account, an optional secondary account and an optional credit card account that you wish to link to Pin-Pay

·         Link your phone number (Prepaid or Postpaid)


You will receive a welcome SMS with your Personal Activation Code directly after the bank agent creates your Pin-Pay account. For additional details about registering at a Bank, you may click here.


Online Registration: Alternatively, you may register online at your comfort by clicking here and filling the required form. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation followed by a welcome SMS.


11. How long does it take for the registration process to be completed?


Bank Registration: Registration at the branch should take about 10-15 minutes.

Online Registration:
After submitting the online registration form, please allow approximately 5-7 working days before LibanPost delivers the contracts for you to sign.


12: Do I have to be a Bank Audi customer to be able to use Pin-Pay’s services?

Yes, for the time being. But we are adding new partner banks and Bank MED is the next one that will go live.


If you are a Bank Audi customer, please pass by any Bank Audi branch during opening hours to learn more about our offers and the simple process of opening an account with us, or visit their website for more information:


5. Compatible Mobile Phones and Operators

13. Which of the two mobile operators in Lebanon can I use Pin-Pay with?

You can use the Pin-Pay service with both Touch and Alfa.


14. Does Pin-Pay work on an international number?

No, the number has to be a local mobile number from either Touch or Alfa. However, as long as the phone number has SMS roaming or internet connectivity, the service could work outside Lebanon on a roaming local mobile number.


15. Can I use Pin-Pay on my Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia and other phones?

Yes, the Pin-Pay App is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. We are also available for other phones that support J2ME Applications.
We cover most of the phones currently available in the market but if you are not sure if your phone can run Pin-Pay, please contact our hotline on 01-631 222.


16. Can I use Pin-Pay services on a mobile phone of any brand or model?

All mobile phones that were released recently or in the last five years are compatible to use the Pin-Pay service.


17. Can I have more than one mobile number linked to the same Pin-Pay service?

No, you have to request a new subscription for every additional number.


18. Can I have more than one mobile linked to the same account?

For Individual Accounts, you can only have one mobile number linked to the same account.

For Joint Accounts (and/or), you can have more than one mobile number linked to the same account.


19. Can I recharge credits on my mobile if I have no units left?

If you use the Internet Channel for Pin-Pay, and have Internet connectivity on your mobile phone, then it is possible to recharge credits on your mobile phone even if you are out of units.


If you use the SMS channel for Pin-Pay, you must have a minimum of 18 cents to perform a transaction.

6. Transaction Time and Limits

20.When do I receive the money transferred to my account?

The money is instantaneously credited to your account and available on the same-day value date. You will receive a confirmation SMS after each transaction.


21. What is the daily limit on the amount of the transaction?

·         For Pay a Person, Recharge by Mobile, Pay Mobile Bills and Pay Park Meter Fines, the per transaction limits is US $ 250.00

·         For Pay a Person, Recharge by Mobile, Pay Mobile Bills and Pay Park Meter Fines the total cumulative transaction limit is US$500 per day

·         Internal Transfer (same currency) has no per transaction or per day limit

·         Internal Transfer (different currency) has a per transaction and per day limit of US$2,000


22. Is there any limit on the number of transactions allowed?

No, you have an unlimited number of transactions.


23.How can I access my account details and transaction history?


Audimobile Mini Statement: This displays a mini statement of your last five transactions. If you want to see your last five audimobile and Pin-Pay transactions, choose audimobile -> Mini Statement -> Primary, Secondary, or Credit Card on your phone.


Pin-Pay Statement: This monitors your last five Pin-Pay transactions that could include viewing your Account Balance, Referring a Friend, etc. If you want to see your last five Pin-Pay transactions, choose Pin-Pay -> Pin-Pay Statement on your phone


24.If money was transferred to the wrong number, what can be done?


If the recipient is not a Pin-Pay subscriber, the money will not be transferred and you will receive an SMS informing you that the transaction could not be processed.


If the recipient is a Pin-Pay customer, you may contact your Branch and submit a claim. Please note that a reversal may not always be possible.


You may also contact the recipient and kindly ask him/her to reimburse your funds back.


25.I transferred money to the wrong number. What happens to my money?


If the number you entered is not registered with Pin-Pay, the money will be automatically transferred back to you.


26.I accidently transferred to a friend more money than I wanted to. What can I do?

Ask the recipient to transfer the difference back to you. If this is not possible, please contact your branch to reverse the transaction and transfer the money again. Please note that a reversal may not always be possible.


27.Is my mobile number displayed to the recipient in every transaction?

Pin-Pay values your security and privacy very highly. Through our Privacy feature, you have the power to choose whether to show or hide your mobile number from being displayed to the recipients of your transactions. You can hide or show your number for all transactions that you perform, or have the Pin-Pay App ask you whether you want to hide your number before every transaction. To change these settings, please go to Preferences>>Settings>>Privacy.

7. Losing Mobile Phone/SIM

28. What happens if I lose my phone/SIM card?

As long as they do not have your M-PIN, no one else can access your account and perform any transaction even if they have your phone/SIM. Your personal M-PIN is required for each Pin-Pay transaction.

If your phone/SIM is lost or stolen, you can call your mobile operator to deactivate your SIM or ask Pin-Pay Support to temporarily deactivate your Pin-Pay account. Once you recover your Phone/SIM or get a new one, call us again to reactivate your account.

8. Activation

29. How does the activation process work?


The following steps must be taken in order to process the activation:

·         Upon Bank registration, you will receive by SMS a 16-digit Activation Code.

·         Download and install the Pin-Pay application.

·         For any non-iPhone or Windows Phone after installation, you will be asked to select which communication channel you wish to use when making transactions:

o      Via Internet/SMS backup

o      Via Internet Only

o      Via SMS Only

·         Afterwards you will need to enter your Mobile Number.

·         Enter your 16-digit Activation Code.

·         Select/Enter your 4-digit M-PIN code

30. Does my Activation Code expire?


After receiving your Activation Code, you have seventy two (72) hours to enter it. After that, it will expire and you will have to go back to your Bank’s branch to get a new Activation Code. Alternatively, you may call your preferred branch and they will immediately send you a new activation code via SMS.


31. I lost my Activation Code. Can you send it to me or reset it?


You can reset your Activation Code by taking the following steps by requesting a new Activation Code:


·         Click on “Forgot Activation Code?”

·         Enter and confirm your Mobile Number and click on “Request new Activation Code”

·         You will then receive the 16-digit Activation Code via SMS


Note for iPhone users: Your Mobile Number is known as User ID while your Activation Code is your Password. You must click on “Forgot Password?” as shown below.


9. Update

32. How can I update the application when a new one is available?


iPhone, Windows, Android and BlackBerry AppWorld users get a notification whenever an update is available. You can also go to your respective Application Stores and check the Updates or My Apps section to see if an update is available.

To install the update, tap the Pin-Pay app or the update or install button, depending on your Application Store, and the update will install automatically.


For BlackBerry and Other Phones, you can update the Pin-Pay Application by clicking here.


10. Re-install

33.Can I still use the Pin-Pay application if I changed my phone?

In order to use the App on a different phone, you must first call Pin-Pay Customer Support to Allow your Pin-Pay Account to be associated to a new phone. This is done for security purposes. Afterwards, you may choose to either download the application by clicking
here or from your respective Application Store:


·         iPhone users (Apple Store)

·         Android (Play Store)

·         Windows Phone (Windows Market Place)

·         BlackBerry (BlackBerry App World)

11. M-PIN

34. I don’t remember my M-PIN anymore. Can you send it to me or reset it?

No one at Pin-Pay knows your M-PIN. For security reasons, it is not possible to reset your M-PIN without any proof of identity. You should pass by any Bank Audi branch in person with a valid ID card to receive a new Activation Code and choose your M-PIN.


35.I entered my M-PIN incorrectly and now my account doesn’t work anymore. What can I do?

If you enter a wrong M-PIN for three consecutive times, you will receive an SMS informing you that your Pin-Pay service has been frozen. Please visit your Bank Audi branch to reactivate your account.


36.I want to change my M-PIN. How can I do that?

·         On your Pin-Pay App, go to “Preferences >> Settings >>Change M-PIN”

·         Enter your old 4-digit M-PIN. Enter and confirm your new M-PIN, then click “Next”

·        Click “YES” to confirm that you want to change your M-PIN


12. Cancellation Policy

37. I would like to cancel the Pin-Pay service. How can I do that?

You may contact the bank by calling or visiting any branch and requesting a cancellation of the Pin-Pay service.